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Holzmann continues to focus on continuous growth and expansion. In order to be able to respond more flexibly and efficiently to customer requests, we have more than tripled our production space in recent years.

Plant Königswiesen

In Königswiesen we have set up our production plant. The highly complex technical solutions are built and realized in the modern production zones. Highly qualified workers from the Mühlviertel region guarantee the highest standard and top quality. We are very proud to have converted the once closed dairy plant into a modern production plant. The former employment offer more than doubled. An original Mühlviertler success story

Plant Ennsdorf

In Ennsdorf (highway proximity) the service and repair area is settled. Highly qualified workers guarantee the best service and repair. The new site has been expanded and expanded to further increase production and repair capacity.

Greiner Straße 12
4280 Königswiesen

Wirtschaftspark Straße 3/3
4482 Ennsdorf

About us

Production, repair and service at the highest level

Holzmann sets the standards as the market leader. The success confirms the chosen path. Technical innovation and the highest quality have always been the claim to which we feel committed. The wishes of the customers and the optimal realization of the given tasks have the highest priority.

  • Sewer cleaning vehicles
  • Special constructions
  • Service/Repair
  • Equipment

We face new challenges every day, solving difficult, complex tasks is part of our business.

Our production range meets a wide variety of requirements, which prove themselves in practice. Holzmann Fahrzeugbau stands for the development and production of vehicle superstructures, solutions for the disposal of solid and liquid waste, sewer, surface and industrial cleaning, ADR suction vehicles, special bodies and special constructions, permanently installed on the truck, or as semi-trailer and trailer.


We have the right equipment.

Our employees are well trained, thoroughly familiar with the subject matter and always strive for a quick solution of the task. If you do not find the necessary accessories or spare parts, we are happy to assist you personally. Whether by phone, by e-mail, personally at our factory or at your site. We are happy to help.


Standard nozzles

Rotating nozzles

High pressure nozzles

Rope and chain slingshot

Milling cutter

Nozzles Accessories

Sapphire nozzles

Ceramic nozzles

Flat jet nozzle

Abrasive cutting heads

Nozzle accessories

Monro-jet nozzles

Other nozzles

Other equipment - accessories



Hose technology

Bubble to shup off a pipe

Camera and testing technology

Camera and testing technology

ADR equipment

Various accessories

Various accessories 2

Security technology

Three tree

Persons lifting crane

Retracting Lifeline


Gas Detector



  • Company founded in Enns (old sugar factory)

The company was founded in 1990 to produce truck bodies for sewer cleaning and liquid waste disposal. With 10 people we started working. In a locomotive shed of the old sugar factory in Enns.


  • 1st apprentice accepted (still employed)
  • The first 3 trucks left the company – Berger, Buchschartner, Zaussinger
  • Repurchase of the first sewer cleaner the company Holzmann Bj. 1991 (picture), even then with water treatment and ADR equipment


  • Construction of the 1st hall


  • 1st exhibition in Wels


  • Enlargement of operations – hall construction in Enns
  • Establishment master office


  • Construction of the 2nd hall in Enns


  • New site in Königswiesen with 5 production tracks

Following continuous growth, another production site was built in Königswiesen on the site of the former dairy in 2001, in order to maintain an optimal infrastructure for the production of the products. Since then, the focus of the production of new buildings in Königswiesen.


  • Receipt of the general agency for Austria of the company ENZ Technik AG


  • Demolition of libra house (locomotive) in Enns
  • Construction of storage rooms


  • Century flood at the operating area in Königswiesen


  • Acquisition of the company Zellinger Fahrzeugfabrik
  • Construction of the first tunnel cleaning vehicle (with brushes)


  • Purchase of a new production hall in Ennsdorf
  • Construction of new location (new building and office building)
  • Takeover of the entire warehouse from the bankruptcy measures of the company Primetzhofer


  • Enlarged operation – hall construction in Ennsdorf


  • Repurchase of the first truck (Berger)


  • 65 employees at 2 locations in Königswiesen and Ennsdorf


  • Next Generation – Wolfgang Holzmann takes over the company from his father Franz Holzmann with pride and joy!