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By 26. June 2019 October 11th, 2019 No Comments
Holzmann continues to focus on continuous growth and expansion. In order to be able to respond more flexibly and efficiently to customer requests, we have more than tripled our production space in recent years.

Plant Königswiesen

In Königswiesen we have set up our production plant. The highly complex technical solutions are built and realized in the modern production zones. Highly qualified workers from the Mühlviertel region guarantee the highest standard and top quality. We are very proud to have converted the once closed dairy plant into a modern production plant. The former employment offer more than doubled. An original Mühlviertler success story

Plant Ennsdorf

In Ennsdorf (highway proximity) the service and repair area is settled. Highly qualified workers guarantee the best service and repair. The new site has been expanded and expanded to further increase production and repair capacity.

Greiner Straße 12
4280 Königswiesen

Wirtschaftspark Straße 3/3
4482 Ennsdorf