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Unique – Autonomous tunnel cleaner semi-trailer

By 3. March 2020 March 13th, 2020 No Comments
We are pleased to present to you the word´s first AUTHENTIC TUNNEL CLEANER-SEMI-TRAILER!

The self-sufficient tunnel cleaner is a TUWA with:

  • 2,000 l of detergent
  • 20,000 l of water
  • 1x pre-wash bar
  • 1x wash bar

AUTARK: With a self-sufficient semi-trailer, the entire system is independet of the towing vehicle. The hydtostatic drive, the entire hydraulic system for all functions and the operator cab are also installed on the trailer. The energy is supplied by a separate motor. A commercially available towing vehicle can be used here, whic can be used for winter service, for example, in winter. This design also has a positive effect on import duties in many countries.

There are 3 variants of tunnel cleaners from Holzmann:

TUWA (washing brushes)

TUWI (sponge)

TUHD (rotating water jet)