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Hose inspection

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Since hose lines are subject to extreme stress due to external and internal pressure and temperature as well as due to the conveyed medium, these must be regularly checked to minimize risks to humans and the environment.


  • Production of hose lines according to your specifications including testing and documentation
  • Recurring testing of existing hose assemblies, also from other manufacturers
  • Repairs or renewal of the hose lines in case of damage
  • Repairs and testing of high-pressure hose lines up to an operating pressure of 400 bar
Hose assemblies

  • Production of suction/pressure hose lines
  • Tanker hose lines for mineral oils and various chemicals
  • Hose lines for sewage and faeces
  • High pressure hose
Hose inspection

  • External and internal visual inspection (endoscope)
  • Testing the electrical conductivity
  • Pressure test (tightness and strength test)
  • Marking to identify the hose line
  • Documentation and acceptance test certificate
We carry out the hose test in accordance with the German Industrial Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) and the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 97/23 / EC).

The annual test for pressurized hose lines is required by law.

Please contact us and arrange an appointment for your review.